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Chemical Guys HydroSlick is a true ceramic coating that provides unmatched protection, brilliant shine, and optical clarity in an easy to apply ceramic gel! It uses ceramic SiO2 nanotechnology to seal the pores of your car’s paint, creating a perfect layer where water behavior becomes highly and excessively active, resulting in rapid water acceleration off any treated surface. The durable shield helps protect against water spots, the elements, UV rays, and more, for up to one year.


Now, you can achieve intense ceramic water beading on your paint, glass, painted wheels, chrome, and headlights too! HydroSlick delivers a superior shine, wax-like ease of application, and the longevity and protection of a ceramic to create the ultimate hybrid product. By filling in microscopic surface imperfections, HydroSlick creates a super smooth surface that reflects light back at you with unparalleled shine like only a true ceramic can. It’s so easy, you can apply as often as you want!

Chemical Guys Hydroslick Ceramic Coating Hyperwax, 16oz.

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