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Versatile Cleaning Power Around Your Vehicle

Boar’s hair is known for its gentle touch on delicate surfaces. Its exceptional durability makes it a long-lasting cleaning tool. The lightweight, scratch-resistant handle and ferrule, along with a compact design, effortlessly reach narrow corners and tight spaces, making this brush the ultimate tool for intricate detailing and cleaning tasks.


Luxurious Boar's Hair Bristles for Gentle Cleansing

Apply your preferred all-purpose cleaner or degreaser onto soiled areas and brush bristles, allowing the soft boar’s hair to delicately lift dirt, grease, and grime from surfaces. The soft bristles create a frothy scrub that dislodges debris, leaving it suspended in foam for easy rinsing or wiping without scratching.

Chemical Guys The Goat - Boar's Hair Interior & Exterior Detail Brush

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