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The Exhaust Bypass Valve Controller allows the driver to remotely control the exhaust bypass valves by intercepting the signal to the vacuum solenoids. Using the Forza 3-Way Controller, you have two modes of operation:

1. Normal Mode … In this mode, the controller allows the vehicle’s ECU to control the exhaust bypass valves. This is the default mode.

2. Always Open Mode … The controller will intercept the ECU signal and keep the exhaust bypass valves always open.


You can use either the included remote control transmitter or a manual on/off switch that you can install inside the passenger compartment. Using either method, you can select either of the two modes of operation. Installation does not require any wiring modifications or splicing into the car’s electrical system. The unit is installed using the plug and play principal. If you are comfortable performing simple maintenance tasks on your car, you should not have any problems installing the kit yourself.


Included in the kit • Remote Controller Unit • Two fuse taps • One 5 amp and one 10 amp fuse • Wiring to connect the controller to the fuse taps • One Remote control transmitter (extra transmitters available) • 3M Dual Lock Mounting Tape • Nylon cable ties (not shown)


Made for Gen 5 Camaro, C6 and C7 Corvette, Aston Martin Vantage V8, DBS, DB9, others


*Discontinued model, new part - old stock

Forza Dual-Mode Exhaust Bypass Valve Controller for Camaro/Corvette &more

$135.00 Regular Price
$101.25Sale Price
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