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Terms & Conditions

1) You are hiring The Car Shop by the hour, not the job.  

2) You will be billed weekly.  If you do not pay by the invoice due date and no other arrangements have been made, we will stop work on your vehicle and move on to the next job.

3) If we are not working on your vehicle, you will be charged $25.00 per day per space of storage after one week.  We are not responsible for any vehicle after the work has stopped, or after the vehicle has left the premises.

4) The vehicle does not leave until your bill is paid in full.

5) We will not alter your vehicle in any way that is not safe.  We will not cut corners on safety.

6) All parts sold and/or installed are for off-road or show use only.  Usage of your vehicle in any other manner is at the vehicle owner's own risk.  We are not liable for any damages due to violations of local laws.

7) Aftermarket parts and labor may void a manufacturers' warranty.  It is the owner's responsibility to adhere to original warranty terms and conditions. We will not be held liable for any voided warranty.

8) We guarantee all of the work we do, and only the work we do.  

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